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CREES is producing videos from all programs and projects we are working on. Below you will find a growing collection of these videos.

Most of these videos are posted in high definition. If you click on the "X" in front of the word vimeo, you will have a full-screen view.




Rota Aquaponic Education & Training Center

On October, 11 the official ribbon cutting for the Rota Aquaponic Education & Training Center took place. This is the video of this event:


2013 CariPac High School Internship Program - Finals

Like every year, a good number of high school students were chosen as the best of many applicants. The joined NMC-CREES for four weeks, following around our Extension Agents geting their feet wet in the fields of agricutural and family sciences in a hands-on fashion.

The following eight videos are a recording of their final presentations hel on August 23, 2013 in the Hyatt Regency Resort in Saipan:

Part one - Entomology and Plant Pathology:


Part Two - Aquaculture and Fishery Development:


Part three - Nutrition:


Part four - Food Science:


Part Five - Outreach/Media Service:


Part six - Tininan Site:


Part seven - Rota Site:


Part eight - 4-H Youth Development Program:


2012 CariPac High School Summer Internship Program - the final Presentations

We had them in again. 22 high school students interned at NMC-CREES for four weeks, and, as every year, they had to hold a final presentation on their work projects at NMC-CREES. And, as every year, these interns did a great job. We want to congratulate them on their achievements and hope that we see the eligible students again next year. 

The first presentation comes from Patricia Metran. As Assistant Media Specialist she was tasked to produce a video on her work. She is introduced by NMC-CREES' Outreach Coordinator Claus Bier.




NMC-CREES CariPac Presentation

Our Director, Mr. Ross Manglona will hold this presentation at the upcoming CariPac meeting in Washington, D.C.



House Resolution 17-33

The CNMI legislature commends NMC-CREES for their efforts in establishing an aquaculture industry in the CNMI.




A Message from our EFNEP Interns

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program's summer interns produced a commercial on healthy nutrition and an active life style.

Nikita Hofschneider - Director of Photography and Editing, Jemma Lara - Dancing, Keoni Tudela - Radio Operator





Pineapple Production in the CNMI

Pineapple Field Day. This project was made possible through a Western SARE Farmer/Rancher Grant #069-051. Mr. Joe Borja received $14,729 to acquire important technology and sustainable practices for better pineapple yield on a commercial scale.



Eat Right with Color

Produced by KSPN Saipan for PSS and NMC-CREES




Steaming Sweet Potato in a Rice Cooker

A Rice Cooker is close to indespensible in a island household. Nutrition Educator Assitant Jonathan Kiyoshi demonstrates how use it to steam Sweet Potato in a Rice Cooker.

This video was produced by KSPN Saipan for PSS and NMC-CREES.




2010 Highschool Summer Internship

For highschool students interested in applied sciences we offer summer internships (based on availability of funding). Anna and Sherlaine talk about their experience. This video was produced by Amber and Sherlaine as their final presentation during the award ceremony at the end of their (too short) internship.



Highschool Interns 2010 from NMC CREES



Introduction to Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

NMC student Amber Mendiola interviews Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Program Leader Michael Ogo about the basics of NMC-CREES' aquaculture technology. Amber produced this video during spring semester 2010 as an Service Learning assignment.


Intro to Aquaculture from NMC CREES



2009 CNMI Aquaculture Census

Service Learning students supported NMC-CREES' Aquaculture and Fishery Development Program to conduct the 2009 Aquaculture Census for the CNMI. In this video they talk about their experiences.


2009 Aquaculture Census from NMC CREES



Artificial Insemination Workshop

To improve the quality of goat, pig and cattle breeds in the CMNI, CREES is advocating the use of Artificial Insemination. Western SARE supported this project financially with a Professional + Producer Grant. Dr. Allan Sabaldica and Captain Ernest Torres give an introduction to artificial cattle insemination.


Artificial Insemination in the CNMI from NMC CREES



Mango Jam

CREES' Food Scientist, Dr, Jang Ho Kim, shows how easy it is to produce a tasty Mango Jam at home.


Mango Jam from NMC CREES



Dry Litter Piggery

This video produced by NMC Media Service (NMC TV) for CREES Water Quality and Livestock Programs shows the advantages of Dry Litter Piggeries for the environment and the health of pigs.


Dry Litter Piggery from NMC CREES



Rota Tilapia Cookout

To raise awareness for CREES Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Program's Tilapia Project on Rota, we organized a Tilipia Cookout Contest on Rota in 2009. This is a commercial produced for Rota's Channel 5.


Rota Tilapia Commercial from NMC CREES



Rota Interns 2008

Rota's 2008 Summer Interns produced this little piece.


Rota Interns 2008 from NMC CREES




Neem is a tree originating from India. it has many medicinal uses. CREES entomologists, Dr. Marisol Quintanilla and Arnold Route, developed a pestizide from the tree. This pestizide is easy to make at home, very powerful, environmentally friendly, and basically for free.


Neem from NMC CREES



Making Kimchi

Kimchi is a Korean delicacy. It is easy to make and store. This video was made as part of our Food Science Program. This program comes up with ideas to add value to farm crops and/or prolong their shelf life.

We thank Mrs. Hee Jung Suh for the demonstration.



Making Kimchi from NMC CREES



Rota Field Day

CREES has researched different taro and sweetpotato varieties, based on disease resistance, yield and taste. This video was shot during our field day on Rota.


Rota Field Day from NMC CREES



Soil and Water Conservation in the CNMI

Financed by grants from NRCS and ADAP. Filmed and edited by NMC Media Service (NMC TV)


Soil and Water Conservation in the CNMI from NMC CREES



CREES Commercial 2008

Filmed and edited by NMC Media Service (NMC TV)


CREES Commercial Spring 2008 from NMC CREES

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